Take away - DINNER

the take-away menu are dishes that will travel well to eat at home.

please call 5470 6051 to order.......

panko crumbed salt & pepper tofu (not GF) 8
chilli jam mayo (V)

spring rolls (not GF) 8
iceberg, viet herbs, dipping sauce
- pork; (4 per serve)
- vegetable; (2 per serve) (V & VE)

crispy chicken wings 8
citrus plum sauce

grilled lamb skewers 8
turmeric cashew cream

crumbed barramundi bites (not GF) 9
chilli jam mayo

wok tossed vegetables (V / VE option) 8
bok choy, white cloud mushroom, zucchini, bamboo shoot, ginger, oyster sauce & sesame

soy & jasmine fried rice;
- spencer gulf tiger prawns 16
- king oyster mushrooms (V & VE) 14

pan seared fish 18
spencer gulf hiramasa kingfish, lemongrass coconut sauce, steamed tat-soi, snow peas with steamed jasmine rice

stir fried egg noodles (not GF)
with red bell pepper, wood ear mushroom & bok choy ;
- chicken 15
- tofu 14 (V & VE)

pulled beef wraps (not GF) 17
make your own with peking pancakes, turmeric cashew cream & asian slaw

twice cooked pork belly 17
kohl rabi, toasted sesame seeds, tamarind palm sugar glaze with steamed jasmine rice

noodle soup (reheat @ home)
pho ga – chicken noodle soup 14
chicken breast, rice noodles & bean sprouts

pho chay – vegetable noodle soup 14 (V & VE)
tofu, bok choy, shitake mushroom, rice noodles &
bean sprouts

pho bo – beef noodle soup 15
porterhouse, slow cooked brisket, rice noodles &
bean sprouts

V = Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / not GF = not Gluten Free
Please advise staff of any food allergies. Alterations to the menu (allergy restrictions excepted) are respectfully declined.