Take away - DINNER

we are putting our dinner take away service on pause for the time being.....however, if you are in need of a pho fix.....

pho - noodle soup (reheat @ home)
pho ga – chicken noodle soup 14
chicken breast, rice noodles & bean sprouts

pho chay – vegetable noodle soup 14 (V & VE)
tofu, bok choy, shitake mushroom, rice noodles &
bean sprouts

pho bo – beef noodle soup 15
porterhouse, slow cooked brisket, rice noodles &
bean sprouts

V = Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / not GF = not Gluten Free
Please advise staff of any food allergies. Alterations to the menu (allergy restrictions excepted) are respectfully declined.