(dine in only)

autumn menu

chim cut chien xon 11
crispy salt & pepper quail
five spice marinade, cider pickled celery & grilled pineapple

hot dau vang chien 10
yellow pea croquettes (V & VE)
with roasted red pepper & chilli jam relish

tom chien 12
crispy noodle wrapped prawns (not GF)
coral cove tiger prawns, kampot pepper sauce, pickled slaw

con ngao chien 14.50
pan seared scallops
abrolhos island scallops, crispy rice cake, snow pea salad,
sugar snap puree, finger limes

nam chien 11.50
pan seared mushrooms (V & VE)
fresh shitake, crispy rice cake, sugar snap puree

thit tru u chien xon 10.50
slow cooked lamb ribs (not GF)
panko crumbed, turmeric cashew cream

cha gio – spring rolls (not GF) 9.50

  • pork
  • vegetable (V, VE)
rau xao chay 10.50
wok tossed vegetables (V / VE option)
choy sum, wombok & wood ear mushroom, oyster sauce & sesame

com trang 4
steamed jasmine rice (per serve) (V & VE)

ca chien 27
pan fried fish
goulburn river rainbow trout fillets, yam bean, rice wine &
coconut cream sauce

dau hu hap 24
steamed silken tofu (V & VE)
ginger, soy & sesame sauce, kohl rabi & red cabbage slaw,
crispy baby oyster mushrooms

thit ga chien gion 25
honey lemon chicken
crispy chicken breast, wombok, shaved fennel, watercress,
toasted sesame seeds

goi su hao thit bo 26
beef kohl rabi
yarra valley porterhouse in plum sauce, kohl rabi slaw,
toasted sesame seeds

ca ri thit heo 26
lemongrass pork curry
otway pork belly, water chestnuts, asian greens, grilled eggplant

chuoi chien xon 9.50
banana fritters (not GF)
with tapioca pearls & Walmer bush honey

ca rem la dua 9
pandan ice cream
with coconut cream jelly & gula melacca salted caramel

cakeage 1.50 per person

V = Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / not GF = not Gluten Free