autumn menu
small share

chim cut chien – crispy quail 12
crimson seedless grape, naval orange segments & Vietnamese herbs

cha tom chien – crispy prawn cakes 12.50
prawn and taro with house mayo, julienned baby carrot & coriander

pate gan ga – chicken liver pate pot (not GF / GF option) 12
banh mi crostini & house pickled vegetables of cornichons, dutch carrots, baby leeks, red radish

banh thit be – veal pithivier (pie) (2 per serve) (not GF) 10
root vegetables & toasted spice with sautéed tomato sauce

banh nam – mushroom pithivier (pie) (2 per serve) (V, VE) (not GF) 9
king oyster mushrooms & green mung beans with sautéed tomato sauce

con bac tuoc – octopus (lakes entrance) 13
wok charred, chilli oil mayo, celery heart, pineapple, cherry tomato

cha gio – home made crispy spring rolls (not GF);
- pork; glass noodle,wood ear mushroom & water chestnuts (4 per serve) 8.50
served with fresh herbs & lettuce to wrap
- vegetable; taro, glass noodle, wood ear mushroom & water chestnuts (V, VE) (2 per serve) 7.50
served with fresh herbs & lettuce to wrap

noodle soup
pho bo tai – beef noodle soup 16.50
beef broth, porterhouse, rice noodles & bean sprouts

pho bo dac biet – combination beef noodle soup 18
beef broth, porterhouse, slow poached brisket, home-made peppered beef terrine, rice noodles & bean sprouts

pho ga – chicken noodle soup 16
chicken broth, breast meat, rice noodles & bean sprouts

nuoc sup chay – vegetable noodle soup (V, VE) 15.50
vegetable broth, tofu, bok choy, shitake mushroom, rice noodles & bean sprouts

large share
thit heo quay – roasted pork belly 25
crispy crackling, yam bean & vietnamese herb salad

thit bo chien – pan seared beef 24
yarra valley porterhouse (medium rare), tat-soi & coconut curry sauce

cai bap – savoy cabbage parcel (V, VE) 22
momen tofu, purple sweet potato, coconut curry sauce & crispy cassava wedges

ca chien – rice crusted fish 25
swordfish fillet, okra, taro stem & confit roma tomato

thit ga kho – caramelised chicken 23
celeriac & apple slaw, preserved lime, crispy cassava

rau xao chay – wok tossed vegetables (V, VE option) 9.50
garland chrysanthemum, wood ear mushroom, opo squash with oyster sauce & sesame

com trang
– steamed jasmine rice (per serve) (V, VE) 3

chuoi chien – crispy banana spring roll (not GF) 9.50
with chocolate chip ice cream & salted caramel sauce

la dua kem – pandan panna cotta (DF) 8
with caramel coconut sugar syrup

cakeage 1.50 per person

V = Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / not GF = not Gluten Free