summer menu
small share

bap ngot chien – sweet corn croquette (V / VE option) (4 per serve).....8.50
sweet corn & taro served with house mayo

goi ca tai chanh – citrus cured fish..... 12.50
black kingfish (cobia) cured in citrus juice & served with Vietnamese herbs & sesame rice cracker

banh bot chien – rice cakes (V, VE).....8.50
crispy rice squares served with pickled shimeji mushroom, roasted red peppers & silken tofu mousse

goi muc – crispy pepper salted squid.....10
with fresh pomelo & Vietnamese herb mix

thit ga nuong – grilled chicken skewers (2 per serve).....8.50
with Asian style salsa verde of Vietnamese mint & coriander

cha gio – home made crispy spring rolls (not GF);
- pork; glass noodle,wood ear mushroom & water chestnuts (4 per serve).....8.50
served with fresh herbs & lettuce to wrap
- vegetable; taro, glass noodle, wood ear mushroom & water chestnuts (V, VE)
(2 per serve)....... 7.50
served with fresh herbs & lettuce to wrap

noodle soup
pho bo tai – beef noodle soup.....16.50
aromatic beef broth with sliced beef porterhouse, rice noodles & bean sprouts

pho bo dac biet – combination beef noodle soup.....18
aromatic beef broth with beef porterhouse, slow poached brisket, home-made peppered beef terrine, rice noodles & bean sprouts

pho ga – chicken noodle soup.....16
fragrant poached chicken breast with rice noodles & bean sprouts

nuoc sup chay – vegetable noodle soup (V, VE).....15.50
aromatic vegetable broth with tofu, bok choy, shitake mushroom, rice noodles & bean sprouts

large share
dau hu chien – salt & pepper tofu (V, VE).....20
crispy momen tofu served with shredded kang kong, shaved red radish, Vietnamese herbs & roasted peanut dressing

ca chien – pan fried fish..... 24
cone bay barramundi fillet with a tamarind & coconut sugar sauce served with pickled lotus root salad

vit quay – drunken duck breast.....24
pan fried (medium) served with charred corn, pineapple, black eye beans & orange spiced sauce

suon heo nau cham – sticky pork ribs.....23
slow cooked in master stock, finished with palm sugar & sesame glaze, served with pickled asian slaw

bo luc lac – wok shaken beef.....22
porterhouse pieces wok tossed (medium) served with a salad of watercress, cherry tomato & Vietnamese herbs

thit ga chien gion – crispy skin chicken.....23
twice cooked chicken maryland served with ginger & chilli jam sauce, shaved cucumber, zucchini & sesame salad

rau xao chay – wok tossed vegetables (V, VE option).....9
red amaranth, okra & shaved lily bulb wok tossed with oyster sauce & sesame

com trang
– steamed jasmine rice (per serve) (V, VE)....3

trai xoai va banh bong lan la dua – trifle (not GF)................... 9
with mango custard, cherries & pandan chiffon cake

ca rem trai dua– coconut & white chocolate ice cream......... 7.50
with tropical salad of jack fruit, paw-paw & dragon fruit

cakeage.....1.50 per person

V = Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / not GF = not Gluten Free