spring menu
small share

thit ga chien gion – crispy chicken drumettes 9.50
with citrus plum dipping sauce

con so chien gion – crumbed mussels (not GF) 10.50
port arlington mussels filled with wild rice, dill & preserved lime

muc xao – wok charred calamari 10.50
with tumeric cashew cream, snow peas & chilli oil glaze

banh bot chien – rice cakes (V, VE) 9
crispy rice squares served with pickled shimeji mushroom, roasted red peppers & silken tofu mousse

hot dau vang chien – yellow pea croquettes (V, VE) 8.50
with asian herbed watercress pesto

cha gio – home made crispy spring rolls (not GF);
- pork; glass noodle,wood ear mushroom & water chestnuts 8.50
served with fresh herbs & lettuce
- vegetable; taro, glass noodle, wood ear mushroom & water chestnuts (V, VE) 7.50
served with fresh herbs & lettuce

noodle soup
pho bo tai – beef noodle soup 16.50
beef broth, porterhouse, rice noodles & bean sprouts

pho bo dac biet – combination beef noodle soup 18
beef broth, porterhouse, slow poached brisket, home-made peppered beef terrine, rice noodles & bean sprouts

pho ga – chicken noodle soup 16
chicken broth, breast meat, rice noodles & bean sprouts

nuoc sup chay – vegetable noodle soup (V, VE) 15.50
vegetable broth, tofu, bok choy, shitake mushroom, rice noodles & bean sprouts

large share
ca hap – steamed fish 24.50
st helen's sea perch, fresh ginger, asian greens & taro crisps

banh xeo – crispy rice flour crepe, bean sprouts, ice berg lettuce & vietnamese herbs to wrap;
- pork & prawn 19.50
- pearl mushroom (V, VE) 17.50

gio su hao thit bo – wok tossed beef 23
king island beef in plum sauce, julienned kohl rabi & toasted sesame seeds

thit ga nuong – roast 1/2 free range chicken 23
lemongrass, turmeric & kaffir lime marinade, served with vietnamese green papaya salad & roasted peanuts

thit tru u chien – pan seared lamb cutlets 25
bean curd & ginger marinade with spring vegetable salad

rau xao chay – wok tossed vegetables (V, VE option) 9.50
bok choy, white cloud mushroom, zucchini & bamboo shoot, fresh ginger, sesame oil, oyster sauce

com trang
– steamed jasmine rice (per serve) (V, VE) 3

choi chien (not GF) – banana fritters 9.50
with vanilla bean ice cream & salted caramel sauce

bo socola kem dung – avocado mousse 9
layered with chocolate coconut cream ganache & honey murcott mandarin

cakeage 1.50 per person

V = Vegetarian / VE = Vegan / not GF = not Gluten Free